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Tag: sober lifestyle

Alcoholism is on the Rise in Florida

Mar 9, 2021
Recent reports note that alcoholism has risen in Florida for the past two decades. Florida is fighting its own drug battles with opioids and cocaine, but alcohol remains on the...

Cocaine Poisoning Rising Nationwide and in Florida

Mar 9, 2021
Cocaine has a long history in Florida and continues to make its presence known in different ways, affecting our society and those in recovery. New reports from the 2020 Drug...

Data Shows Florida’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Woes

Jan 11, 2021
As we head into the new year, it’s essential to assess recent data that may reveal the status of Florida’s substance abuse and mental health woes. This article briefly overviews...

How to Start Recovery from Substance Abuse in the New Year

Dec 31, 2020
With 2020 coming to an end, millions of people will be beginning their new year’s resolution. Although most people do not commit to their aspirations and ultimately fall short of...

How to Overcome Substance Abuse this Holiday Season in Florida

Dec 24, 2020
This year has been challenging for many in recovery. With the holidays, many may feel either joy or sorrow, which can put their recovery to the test. Whether it was...

How to Overcome Addiction in the Fall in Florida

Nov 3, 2020
Fall is a special time with the holidays, which can be overwhelming for those fighting addiction. Whether it’s losing family, friends, jobs, financial instability—overcoming addiction in the Fall can be...

Florida Receives Emergency Crisis Counseling Grant Amidst Rising Mental Health Concerns

Oct 28, 2020
Florida is about to receive some help after rising concerns with mental health as the state fights the coronavirus. It’s no secret since lockdowns began with the virus continuing to...

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month: Tips to Help you in Florida

Oct 20, 2020
Since 2011, October has been declared National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. Due to unforeseen circumstances, those in recovery and susceptible to substance abuse need more help than ever. Paired with...

September is Recovery Month: Tips During COVID-19 in Florida

Sep 29, 2020
This Recovery Month may be one of the hardest for many, due to the implications of the coronavirus on our society and overall well-being. Since the beginning of the year,...

Data Shows MH Crisis Worse than Last Year. How is FL Affected?

Aug 14, 2020
The year 2020 may go down as one of the worse years in recent history due to the on-going events that have spiraled people’s health, finances, and overall livelihood. Mental...
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