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What We Believe.
What Addiction Means To Us.

The definition of addiction varies, depending on whom you ask.
At VRC, we believe addiction is a progressive disease, and that recovery requires professional help.

At (VRC) Victory Recovery Center™, we believe that addiction is a complex, destructive disease that not only affects the individual but also their families, careers, and relationships. Addiction ruins relationships and damages health as the primary focus in life becomes obtaining and using a chemical substance.

Sometimes, a person needs to experience the loss of a career, a home, finances and/or family before realizing the damage addiction has done. Others realize early on that help is needed before things get completely out of control. Intervention and treatment are the best tools for overcoming addiction. It is vital to seek help as soon as you suspect that you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem.

A one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery is not enough, because it fails to address the individual. For example, while one type of therapy may be effective for one client, another will benefit from a different approach. Here, clients are treated by experienced therapists who treat each client as a unique individual, not as a group all in the same. Our treatment programs are tailored to client needs and work to navigate through all areas of life that are out of balance.

At VRC, clients receive a true continuum of care. Our staff members are here to guide individuals through the entire recovery process, from the first call to our admissions department to the time they complete our program. And since treatment doesn’t end upon completion, our aftercare support program ensures each individual has the tools needed to remain clean and sober, and to avoid relapse.

While we do not promote any one specific religion, we do believe that spirituality can be helpful in the recovery process.

The 12-step process is one of many methods we utilize at VRC. The 12 steps incorporate spirituality and only asks that individuals believe in a “God of their understanding.” This principle of spirituality is aligned with our school of thought. Clients can benefit from believing in something greater than themselves, and it is this belief that can aid them in their progression through treatment.

The road to spirituality can be accessed by many different pathways. Our goal is to enable our clients to pave their own spiritual path and allow that path to assist in the recovery process and beyond.

At VRC, we believe families need to be involved and to play a large role in the recovery process.

Our therapists keep families informed and involved in the planning process, and also in the progress being made during treatment. Family therapy allows both the client and his or her loved ones to work through any and all underlying issues in order to heal any dysfunction that has taken over their relationships.

On top of their respective weekly individual sessions, all clients participate in an additional family session each week. It is designed to assist clients and families in restructuring their interactions, bolstering a more supportive environment upon their return home and is imperative to the client’s long-term success.

After completing treatment, family members should be supportive, encouraging and present while integrating their loved ones back into their lives and communities. VRC also helps coordinate various resources and support programs specifically selected to help adjust to life after treatment and lead a happy, healthy life.

A healthy body supports healthy mind, and a healthy mind supports a healthy body. That’s why we provide holistic treatment options, including nutritional and fitness counseling.

Oftentimes, clients come to us malnourished and/or with poor diets. We provide nutritional counseling so that individuals come to understand the importance of eating well and fueling their bodies with the essential nutrients their bodies need. Eating right becomes a positive experience as clients are provided with flavorful, nutritious meals. We also encourage clients to participate in physical fitness activities whenever possible.

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