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About Our Facility

We here at VRC don’t emphasize our luxurious or glamourous facilities, we simply strive for “comfortable and inviting”.
Our facility is a place where the focus is on compassionately effective treatment.

VRC treats patients of all adult ages who are experiencing drug or alcohol addiction. The VRC facility is a welcoming and inviting office space in which clients are provided with all of our clinical services. Upon entering the reception area, visitors are immediately greeted by cheerful colors, natural light and the warmth of our welcoming staff.

In addition to several private areas perfect for one-on-one therapeutic sessions, there is a large group room that accommodates larger sized groups. There are also two additional common rooms for smaller group meetings and a large open area where we hold various social gatherings. An array of audiovisual equipment is available for use in any of the common areas to aid and support our clients throughout their therapeutic experience.


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