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Victory Recovery Center will provide nearly all our clients’ daily living essentials. However, we do not provide specialty items such as cigarettes, junk food, toiletries, or sugary drinks.


Our clients may request the Victory Recovery Center staff to purchase these specialty items for them through the Victory Recovery Center Client Fund. Family and friends may contribute to the Client’s individual “Client Expense Account” with an ACH transfer or credit card payment by completing the form below.


The processing service fee for credit card or ACH payments is 4%. Alternatively, personal checks are accepted and should be made to “Victory Recovery Center, LLC” and mailed to the address below. Please be sure to reference “Client Fund” and the client’s name on the check.

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    What Happens When You Call


    Call Victory Recovery Center and connect to a Treatment Consultant to confidentially discuss your (or a loved one’s) addiction or psychological struggle.


    Your Treatment Consultant then asks specific questions to get an insight into your struggle, treatment needs, location, and finance/insurance details.


    The Treatment Consultant evaluates your clinical and resource-related information to determine the best course of treatment for your unique case.


    Your Treatment Consultant informs you of the type of program you need based on the clinical and financial information you provided.

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