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Florida Pilot Program Provides Career Training for Recovery

By: Shannon Persad March 9, 2021 no comments

Florida Pilot Program Provides Career Training for Recovery

Florida has received millions in emergency funds to combat the opioid crisis in the last few years.

In particular, the $5 million Florida received from the Department of Labor will fund a pilot program called “Support to Communities: Fostering Opioid Recovery through Workforce Development.”

The goal is to help those in recovery receive training and opportunities after completing treatment.

Read on more to find out about the new pilot program and where to get help for substance abuse in Florida.

Addressing the Economic Impacts of Substance Abuse

In a press release from the Governor’s office, the program is explained:

“With funding provided by the U.S. Department of Labor and administered by DEO, the Department will work with a number of community partners to address the economic effects of widespread substance misuse, including opioid abuse, addiction and overdose in significantly impacted service areas. These partners include Local Workforce Development Boards, Medical/Treatment Facilities, Local Governments, Law Enforcement Entities, Opioid Consortia, Community-Based Organizations and Educational Institutions.  Together, the program will provide multiple services to assist individuals affected by the opioid epidemic to help them transition back into the workplace.”

The statement also notes that the program will train new and incumbent employees for the mental health, substance abuse, recovery-related, and medical fields. The training creates a pipeline of unfilled positions, offering new opportunities to prepare those in working areas and prepare others in recovery to become better peer counselors.

Florida will team up with CareerSource Central Florida and the Department of Economic Opportunity to help train those recovering from substance abuse.

Unemployment and Substance Abuse

Studies have shown correlations between unemployment and substance abuse, with these findings:

  • Hazardous drinking, such as risky consumption, binging, and heavy drinking, is more prevalent amongst the unemployed
  • If the substance abuse becomes problematic, it may increase the likelihood of unemployment and decreases the chance of finding and ultimately holding a job
  • While research is limited, unemployment may be a risk factor for substance use, developing into substance abuse disorders (SUD)
  • Unemployment may cause relapses after addiction treatment from drugs or alcohol
  • Mixed results and uncertainty cannot pinpoint precisely where smoking and drinking patterns occur, although it appears to be “procyclical.”

BMC Psychiatry evaluated different studies and research and came up with this conclusion:

“We found that unemployment was associated with substance abuse admissions for alcohol, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and other drug use. These findings suggest that economic hardship is associated with increased substance use and also implies that treatment for substance use of certain drugs and alcohol should remain a priority even during economic downturns. Treatment for stimulant use may be the exception, as we found that state unemployment rates were negatively associated with treatment admissions for stimulants. However, the relationship between the unemployment rate and stimulant treatment admissions may be moderated by economic recession.”

Overall, those in recovery finding job opportunities may help them to stay in recovery and avoid relapsing, especially during economic hardships.

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