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Alcoholism is on the Rise in Florida

Alcoholism is on the Rise in Florida

Recent reports note that alcoholism has risen in Florida for the past two decades.

Florida is fighting its own drug battles with opioids and cocaine, but alcohol remains on the rise amongst different age groups and continues to rise amongst women.

New data also correlates with the trends during the summer of 2020 when the coronavirus hit, where many Floridians turned to alcohol and other substances during uncertainty.

Read on to find out more about alcoholism rising in Florida and how you can get help for alcoholism in South Florida.

Alcoholism Trending in Florida

FADAA substance abuse trends stated the following:

“A 2019 study found that 18%  of adults in Florida engaged in heavy or binge drinking indicating a slight increase from 16.2% in 2002. Alcohol is the most frequently occurring drug among decedents reported by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission. Alcohol-related deaths increased across the state from 2012 to 2019. The number of decedents in which alcohol played a causal role in death increased  72%  from  2012  to  2019. The total number of alcohol-related occurrences, which is when a drug has not played a causal role in the death but is present or identifiable in the decedent, also increased statewide from 4,029 to 5,385 occurrences.”

Source: FADAA

Who is Most Affected by Alcoholism?

Alcoholism affects everyone. However, women have recently surged amongst those abusing alcohol and alcohol-induced deaths.

FADAA states the following about recent trends of alcohol in the U.S.:

“Deaths from the use of alcohol have been increasing in the United States since 1999. It is estimated that the average number of deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use was  95,000 per year from  2011-2015.5 Using cross sectional  U.S.  death data from 2000-2016, researchers found that alcohol-induced deaths increased by 77% within that period. Women saw the biggest increase in deaths from 2013-2016. American Indian & Alaskan Natives had the highest alcohol-related mortality rates among all racial backgrounds. Overall,  the  highest  mortality  rates  of  alcohol-induced  deaths  occurred  among  all  persons between the ages of 55-64.”

Floridians Turned to Alcohol in Summer 2020 During COVID-19

A survey in July 2020 revealed Floridians’ substance abuse rose 57% due to coronavirus woes.

Alcohol was the most prominent substance used, with marijuana, opioids, benzos, meth, cocaine, heroin/fentanyl, and others right behind.

Those most affected during this time were:

  • 35-44 at 36%
  • 54 and older at 27%
  • 45-54 at 16%
  • 25-34 at 14%
  • 18-24 at 8%

The FADAA substance abuse trends report revealed most adults who had fatal outputs of alcoholism were also older adults in the range of 55 to 64 nationwide, showing there is a strong correlation.

How to Get Help for Alcohol Abuse in South Florida

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