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September is Recovery Month: Tips During COVID-19 in Florida

September is Recovery Month: Tips During COVID-19 in Florida

This Recovery Month may be one of the hardest for many, due to the implications of the coronavirus on our society and overall well-being.

Since the beginning of the year, as the virus started to impact our daily lives, there was an increase in substance abuse.

Millennium Health analyzed over 500,000 urine drug tests before and after COVID-19 was declared a National Emergency, drawing the following conclusions:

  • 06% increase for cocaine
  • 53% increase for heroin
  • 96% increase for methamphetamine
  • 96% increase for non-prescribed fentanyl

Source: Millennium Health

Also, the Addiction Policy Forum (APF) surveyed 1,079 respondents and found that the pandemic has not only made their recovery difficult, but caused many different emotions that can make their experiences worse. APF states:

“The COVID-19 pandemic creates significant challenges for those struggling with addiction,” said Jessica Hulsey, president of the Addiction Policy Forum. “From patients in treatment, to those in recovery to family members and caregivers, too many are struggling with disruptions in care. The data show that the presence of continuous stress and triggers and absence of coping and support mechanisms are coinciding with emotional distress. This may equate to an increase in relapses and overdoses nationwide. In addition, SUD patients and families are also feeling the emotional effects of the pandemic. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of all respondents say they have noticed changes in their emotions since the pandemic began, a concern that is especially prevalent among those who have experienced disruptions to their treatment or recovery support services (87%). The top emotions reported by respondents are worry (62%), sadness (51%), fear (51%), and loneliness (42%).”

Tips to Overcome Adversity During COVID-19

In Florida, there are countless ways to overcome adversity and have a successful recovery journey despite obstacles, such as cravings, loneliness, financial hardships, and more.

Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Work out to relieve stress and keep busy.
  • Enjoy the outdoors, as there are countless parks in South Florida, including the beach.
  • Start a new hobby.
  • Find “side hustles” to help with bills if you are one of many who has lost a job during the coronavirus lockdowns.
  • Become a part of various AA, NA, 12-step meetings near you, or through Zoom conferences if you cannot travel. For a more comprehensive list, check out “COVID-19 and the Recovery Lifestyle in South Florida.”
  • Enter into drug rehab, such as Victory Recovery Center, if you feel you need professional help. Whether you are new to substance abuse or are in recovery, know that you are not alone and support is available.

Please follow coronavirus guidelines while participating in any of these activities by visiting https://www.coronavirus.gov/.

Also, to get the latest news for Florida regarding COVID-19, visit https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/.

How to Get Help for Substance Abuse in South Florida

Victory Recovery Center is willing to work with you to ensure you get the treatment you deserve at your convenience.

Contact Victory Recovery Center, a South Florida drug rehab—available 24 Hours, 7 days a week, call us NOW 1-(855)-492-1515.

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